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NIC Teaming - some Addresses don't work?!

Frequent Advisor

NIC Teaming - some Addresses don't work?!

I have 3 DL360 G5 servers set up with the teaming software.  I recently encountered a perplexing problem.  These servers can ping most devices successfully.  4 devices however (Toshiba PBX, APC UPS(2), APC ATS) time out when I ping them.  Those devices can be pinged from other servers/PCs on the network.

Networks settings have been triple checked and except for the above problem, the network has no issues.


I have one other DL360G5 running Red Hat that doesn't have the NICs teamed and it can ping these devices successfully.


The problem servers can "see" these devices at a low level - running the command "arp -a" shows that the systems do see the remote device's MAC address.


The servers in question are updated to PSP 8.70 and run Win 2008R2x64 & Win2003R2x64.


Can anyone suggest what settings I need to change to fix this problem?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: NIC Teaming - some Addresses don't work?!


Do you need to ping them?
Is it only ping that doesn't work or are you trying to access these devices through other means and that don't work either?

If you could be more specific as to the teaming configuration on your two problematic servers and the correlating switch ports that would be useful.

Could you disable the teaming and see if it works then?
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Re: NIC Teaming - some Addresses don't work?!

I actually came on this problem when I tried to install some management software that, after install, couldn't access the device.  Once that occurred I fell back to ping as it's simpler to discuss that applications others may not be familiar with.


Using the std NIC teaming software HP provides for these servers I have Team Type as well as Xmit load balancing method set to automatic.  All settings are default.  Servers are connected to a Netgear GS724T switch.


If I pull one of the cables in the team I can then ping the problem devices.


So is the answer that HP's NIC Teaming doesn't work?

Frequent Advisor

Re: NIC Teaming - some Addresses don't work?!

I changed the Team Type Selection from Automatic to Network Fault Tolerance with Preference Order and so far it is working.  When in automatic it was load balancing which apparently the PBX and APC devices are incompatible with.