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NIC driver issue on DL 360 G6

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Occasional Contributor

NIC driver issue on DL 360 G6

Hi all,


I'm facing an issue with the NIC drivers on my DL 360 G5/G6 servers

If I use Version: (27 Mar 2012) all is well

If I use Version: (26 Oct 2012) then all my switches (HP 2848) where these servers are plugged into report Excessive Jabbering and Packet Errors on the respective ports and my applications error out


My issue is that I plan to move toward W2K12, which is supported only from Version: (26 Oct 2012) which gives the Jabbering warning


Any ideas?



Occasional Contributor

Re: NIC driver issue on DL 360 G6

found a solution/workaround


this command will show you the NICs with MTU set at 1514


netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces


for those NICs run


netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1500 store=persistent


in your case "Local Area Connection" may be different, but the first command will show you the names


no downtime, and the jabbering stops immediately