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NIC misbehaviour

Sherif M.Osman
Occasional Contributor

NIC misbehaviour

i've several ML570 G3 servers, the ones with clustered SQL installed on are doing the followings:
1.NIC driver loading and TCPIP binding is being delayed greatly during server reboots, doesn’t complete full load until the server startup is all done.
2.During the boot process you notice that intermissions in the TCPIP binding (when ping the server during its reboot, sometimes reply and sometimes not)
3.Point 1 and 2 forced me to enable account login cache to overcome the inability of servers to communicate with DCs while reboot (for machine and service accounts)
4.Sometimes after the reboot, the TCPIP driver doesn’t load at all, and you are unable to see the NICs in the Network Connections folder in the control panel, several restart should be done to resolve the issue
5.This happens for all NICs in the server even the non-built-in NICs. Hence the problem doesn’t seem to be in the NIC driver itself, but most likely in the TCPIP windows driver

Your help is really appreciated.
thanks a lot.

Sherif M. Osman