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NIC's Missing in SMH


NIC's Missing in SMH


we have a problem with some Proliant DL585 G1 on a customer site running Windows 2003 SP1.

The server is equipped with 2 additional NC7170 boards, so we have 6 NIC's totally. For redunancy We created 2 TLB Teams, so

we have the following situation:

LAN1 (onboard) not teamed
LAN2 (onboard) Team 1
LAN3 (Board1) Team 1
LAN4 (Board1) Team 2
LAN5 (Board2) Team 2
LAN6 (Board2) not teamed

Everything is working fine, the teams behave fine.

In the NIC Agent Page of SMH we can see both teams, the onboard adapter, but only ONE NC7170 board (and not both). This is

the point, the customer complains about.
As far as I remember all boards are displayed correctly in Insight Diagnostics.

Does anybody knows this topic?
Is there a solution?
Can I configure the NIC Agents anywhere?

Any help appreciated,

Kind Regards