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NIC teaming or NIC bonding

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NIC teaming or NIC bonding

Do, or did, the DL360PG8 servers allow for NIC bonding/NIC teaming (whereby a single IP is used for two (2) separate network interfaces)?


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Re: NIC teaming or NIC bonding

It's more a question concerning which OS version you're using/planning to use, but if you're talking Windows 2008 there is a HP utility to set this for the built-in ethernet ports and probably for the other HPE ethernet cards to.

For Windows server 2012 and newer it's in the OS itself (check in Server Manager).


There are a couple of different bonding/trunking "protocols" available. I only have some experience from using LACP which mostly works good. Clients access only one of the available ports. SMB 3 can use more than one port at least if you don't bond and use different subnets for the different ports on both server and client machines (manual configuration required on both If I understand it correctly. Maybe newer Windows versions 2016/2019 support other configurations?).

There are also such things like RDMA and other techniques that could be interesting for you depending on what you're trying to achieve.

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Re: NIC teaming or NIC bonding


HPE Proliant Dl360p Gen8 server does allows the NIC Teaming/Bonding depending upon the operating system.

Network adapter teaming
  • ProLiant network adapter teaming provides fault tolerance and load balancing across a team of two or more network adapters.

  • The team of adapters works together as a single virtual adapter.

  • The HP 331FLR FlexLOM provides Support for several different types of teaming.

For more inforamation about teaming please refer the HPE Proliant Network Teaming technical paper.

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