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NIC teaming problem on DL585

Danny Williams_1
Occasional Contributor

NIC teaming problem on DL585

We've recently had a problem with a DL585. One of the NICs periodically loses network connectivity, and after the last occurence was disabled in Device Manager (Win2K Adv. Server). We managed to re-enable the device, but doing this now crashes the HP Network config application. Disabling the device allows the app to start, but of course we no longer have a network team.

My question is, is this likely to be caused by a hardware fault with the NIC, an incorrect driver or bad configuration, or a network error. Our network people insist there's no problem, but we can't prove or disprove that. The NICs in question are NC7782 Gigabit Adapters (which I think are actually on the board rather than cards), with driver version The HP Network utility is version 8.00.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might shed some light on this.

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Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: NIC teaming problem on DL585

Hi Danny,

This could be some issue with the NCU and NIC Drivers.

The Network Configuration Utility(NCU) is of older version. What I would recommend is:

1. Dissolve the team, if it exists.
2. Update the NIC drivers.
3. Remove/Uninstall the NICs from the Device Manager.
4. Click on Action -> Scan for New Hardware Changes. NICs will be redetected with New IRQ and Memory Mappings.
5. Install the Latest NCU.
6. Configure the Team.

This should work fine.

HP Network Configuration Utility for Windows Server 2003 version

HP NC-Series Broadcom Driver for Windows Server 2003 version