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NMI causing ML 370 G3 to reboot

Occasional Contributor

NMI causing ML 370 G3 to reboot

Hi All

My ML 370 G3 threw two NMI errors last night, the last one causing the machine to restart. Is this an indication of a failing array controller?

Thanks much
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: NMI causing ML 370 G3 to reboot

Mostly observed, Non-Maskable Interrupts has MORE to do with memory rather array controller.

Make sure U have the Latest ROM BIOS;
HP Suggest a firmware upgrade for most of ProLiant ML300 series servers to enhance the system´s capabilities to detect and properly handle uncorrectable memory errors that could potentially occur on servers with a serial number of XXX643XXXX (or earlier) and running a version of the System ROM dated prior to September 1, 2006.

Also is there an USB DAT72 tape drive connected to the server ?