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NT Boot Diskette for Proliants

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

NT Boot Diskette for Proliants

I am trying to make a boot diskette for my DL380 and DL320 servers so I can map an NT drive and ghost the C: drives of them. I have a boot diskette that works on older Proliants, but when I tried to put the DOS mode drivers on and modify protocol.ini, I can never get it to initialize the NIC and work properly, or it just pops a "divide by zero" error, and I have to reboot.

Does anyone have working NT client boot diskettes for these machines? (a WinImage version would be great. ;-) ) If so, a filelist and a protocol.ini would make my life much easier.

(It feels like years since I've had to deal with NT client disks... Oh, wait, it has been 5 or so...)

Rich Frueh