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NTFS and Drive Array 2/P

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

NTFS and Drive Array 2/P

I recently upgraded my server to win2000 server, I was not able to install windows 2000 with NTFS, I have to loaded with fat32. Once up and running with fat32 I tried to convert from fat32 to ntfs. After re starting from converting I would get the similar error message that I would get from trying to install win 2000 during setup. the error message is " error reading disk, CURL+AT+EL to re start"

I am using Smart Array 2/I with 4 ,4.3 gig drives.

I have also try repair with win2000 but no luck.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: NTFS and Drive Array 2/P

I am getting the exact same message!! I am on hold right now with the support center...
Well, they told me nothing really... they said to download and run SP8050 and boot from disk 2 to update the firmware on the drives. If that does not update they said to use SP17863. Then, if that doesn't work they said to do smartstart 5.0 SP16319.
Also, there is an interesting Microsoft article Q254999 the references the problem. It says:

After you successfully install Windows NT on a system partition that uses the
FAT16 file system and then convert that partition to the NTFS file system, you
may receive the following error message when you restart your computer:


This may occur even after an apparently successful conversion of a FAT16 drive in
an extended partition or on a non-boot partition to NTFS.

If you then view the partition information using the MS-DOS Fdisk tool, the
active partition may be reported as type HPFS.


This behavior can occur if the the computer's CMOS settings for the hard disk
are incorrect. For example, the disk may be set to Normal in the CMOS, when it
should be set to Autoselect or LBA.


Select the correct CMOS setting for the drive before partitioning and formatting
the drive and installing Windows NT. For information about setting your
computer's CMOS settings, please refer to your computer's documentation or

Good Luck, and let me know if you have found the solution.

Kirk Davis
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: NTFS and Drive Array 2/P

Figured out the problem. The firmware version on the drives and the array controller was way too far out of date.
To update the firmware on the drives you will need softpaq SP8050, do not bother booting from disk one because that has a controller update that is too old to be of any use to you. I booted with disk two and inserted disk four to update my drives.
I then:
Updated the firmware on my controller.
I used softpaq SP17863. I think it was disk one that I used... it was the one labeled intedgrated controller or smartarray II. The one glitch with the disk is that after you make it, insert it and run it, it will tell you that there is not enough disk space to create some goofy file name. What I did was boot from the disk, get up to the point before it actually does the update... when it shows the controller current version and update version... then I pulled the disk, deleted the IO.sys and HiMem.sys files from the floppy then shoved it back in. It continued just fine without the error.

I rebooted and the sever booted just fine... without the " a disk error has occurred" error message.


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