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NVMe on a DL380p G8

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NVMe on a DL380p G8


I've recently installed an NVMe drive onto a PCI-e adaptor, and installed it into a Dell R610, which is older than a Gen8 DL380p. This worked, using a USB to boot from and the NVMe drive for the OS.

I've attempted to do the same on the HP server, but I've hit a snag. The PCI-e device is not being detected... at all. Is it possible that I need to appy a BIOS update, or some firmware in order for the server to detect the drive. I've attached an Image of the SSD in the x16 PCI-e slot.

Any help with getting the drive the be detected by the server, would be much appreciated.



Occasional Collector

Re: NVMe on a DL380p G8

Ignore this, looks like the drive I had ordered had a capacitor installed the wrong way round, and so need to return it. Test with a different drive (same make/model) and that works just fine.

Markus Angerer
Occasional Contributor

Re: NVMe on a DL380p G8

Was there anything else you had to do? Like enable/activate the NVMe SSD in the Bios? I have a similar issue: SSD is recognized but the Windows installation says it can be installed because the disk is not enabled in the BIOS. I can use it when installing and booting from a different disk.

Now I am unsure if I have a NVMe/PCIe adapter that simply does not work with the Proliant and I should get a replacement or if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance, Markus