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NVRAM Cleared on my G4 DL 380!

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NVRAM Cleared on my G4 DL 380!

I read a suggestion on a forum where someone cleared their NVRAM for their server and it worked wonders! for me i've failed to boot from C: even after using original Windows DVD's and the Smart Start HP Products I have no success. to make it worse my keyboard is no longer read.

this was done to help me boot from the ROM utility. It seems to be read but it continually goes back to 


Attempting to boot from CD-ROM

Attempting to boot from Hard Drive (C:)

Attempting to boot from NIC


what can one do? I want to install 2008 R2 and configure TMG since yesterday my weekend hasn't been well spent.




Re: NVRAM Cleared on my G4 DL 380!



When NVRAM is cleared, it clears system BIOS configuration and resets it to factory defaults.


Have you tried PS2 and USB Keyboards?

Once Keyboard works, go into BIOS and see what is the boot controller order.

Are the hard drives getting power, try to reseat the cables inside the server.


Good Luck!


Thank You!
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Re: NVRAM Cleared on my G4 DL 380!



Reseat the keyboard and check, if not then swap with a known working PS2 or USB keyboard. Once the keyboard functionality is restored, restart the server and run the RBSU.  Check if the IDE controller of the CD-ROM drive is listed in the Boot Controller Order. Ensure that the cable connecting the CD-ROM is seated properly. Swap the operating system disk with a known working disk, if not the CD-ROM drive. Furthermore as suggested by Suman, check the hard drive sub-system.







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