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NVRAM full ????

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

NVRAM full ????

I have a Prosignia 200 (Pentium II 300) and when I try to boot, I'm getting 3 errors :

171 - System Configuration Nonvolatile Memory Invalid
Initialization aborted

172 - Configuration Nonvolatile Memory Invalid

162 - System Options Not Set

and then it says to run System Configuration. So I did, but when it tries to write the NVRAM (to save the configuration), it gives this error :

"Non-volatile memory is full. Automatic Server Recovery cannot be enabled until more memory is available"

So I ran the Compaq system eraser in the hope that it would clear the NVRAM and the "Compaq System Configuration" would be happy again writing to it... it didn't work... the errors during boot and while trying to write to the non-volatile memory keep comming back.. what could be wrong ?? thanks in advance
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: NVRAM full ????

I have a prolant 800 (pentium pro 200) and i have the same error message : 172, 172-1 and 162.
I don't have a solution. I change the RAM (2*32 and 64). it recognized all the time 16 M RAM.
Nevertheless i can boot on win nt4 workstation.
If I find the solution i will reply.