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Need Help Reconfiguring an HP DL360 G7

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Need Help Reconfiguring an HP DL360 G7

I'm trying to reconfigure this HP DL360 G7 server. It was used as a windows server but was replaced with a new server when the Raid Controller cache went corrupt and we couldn't resolve the issue.

I'm trying to re-purpose the server as a PFSense firewall. Since it's already paid for any just sitting around, I was planning on replacng the old Dell desktop running PFSense with a server running the newer version. Right now, I'm experimenting to see if I can load the older version of PFSense on the new 320 GB Sata drives.

Here is what I've done:

1. Replaced the three SAS 146 GB drives with two Sata 320 GB drives. I tried booting from the CD Rom to load a Linux based OS but can't get the CD-Rom to read. The LED does not lite up.

2. I've tried reconfiguring the HD controller order and selected One Tine Boot from CDRom

it always tries to boot from the hd. It does not say if it's tring to access the Sata or SAS controller.

If you can suggest how to get the CD -Rom to read so I can try booting from it, tjhat would help.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Need Help Reconfiguring an HP DL360 G7


Sounds like the optical drive is not detected by the server and assuming this is an external USB optical drive.

You may try:

Checking the USB options and especially the USB boot support options in the RBSU/BIOS.

Connecting it to the different USB ports available at front and rear of server.

Connecting a different known good USB optical drive.


If the above fails to work; to get the installation going you may try:

Putting the OS image on a bootable pen drive.

Connecting through iLO and booting to stored image using the iLO virtual media options.



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