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Need Power Specs for many servers: Volts, Amps

Kyle Lochbaum
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Need Power Specs for many servers: Volts, Amps

I'm trying to compile a list of Voltage and Amperage specs on a number of servers. I have tried searching HP as well as through search engines trying to get this information only to be shut out on a number of these units.

Where can I find this information easily?


ProLiant 8500
ProLiant BL20p G3
ProLiant BL25p G1
ProLiant BL25p G2
ProLiant BL40p
ProLiant BL45p G1
ProLiant BL45p G2
ProLiant BL460c G1
ProLiant BL465c G1
ProLiant BL480c G1
ProLiant BL680c G5
ProLiant BL685c G1
ProLiant DL360 G1
ProLiant DL360 G3
ProLiant DL380 G1
ProLiant DL380 G2
ProLiant DL380 G3
ProLiant DL380 G4
ProLiant DL385 G1
ProLiant DL385 G2
ProLiant DL580 G1
ProLiant DL580 G2
ProLiant DL580 G3
ProLiant DL585 G1
ProLiant DL585 G2
ProLiant DL740 G1
ProLiant ML370 G3
ProLiant ML530
c7000 Blade Enclosure
p-Class Blade Enclosure (3-phase)
EVA8000 (2C/12D)
KVM Consoles
KVM Switches
MSA30-SB Storage Enclosure
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Re: Need Power Specs for many servers: Volts, Amps

This may help:

Hope this helps!

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Re: Need Power Specs for many servers: Volts, Amps

Use power calculator.

For std proliants:

For C-class:

You will need to enter details, MEM, Disks, CPU's etc.
And you will get the power consumption at max load, with those parts.