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Need Proliant DL 385 G2 Help!

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Need Proliant DL 385 G2 Help!


Team- our old Proliant DL 385 G2 server just died- we were literally three days from replacing it.  Long story short: we need access to the info on the hard drives.  We get nothing when we start up- no video whatsoever, no POST behavior, no beeps.  Opening the case reveals some blinking green LEDs: LED 7 & LED8, at R563 and R569 respectively.  Anyone know what these lights on the mainboard mean?  Any ideas on how to just get it to POST?

Vid of the lights here:


Re: Need Proliant DL 385 G2 Help!

Hi mate if you've got user manules you can flick through it to find what they mean check this link out  


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