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Need documentation on cluster services...

Bl20p + MSA1000 + MSCS
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Need documentation on cluster services...

We are working with blades systems, we have 16 Bl20p G3 with Mezzanine cards, connected to a MSA 1000 with 10x146 SCSI disks.
We are trying two days or more on making Microsoft cluster service work on this hardware.
We have problems when making the first cluster.
We have to use SSP on the MSA1000 ?
When I have Q: and the F: drives, the clsuter wizard select Local Quorum instead of Q: drive.
We need to install SQL Server on this cluster.
What we have problems at the front door,
We need to add the second cluster and problems again...
Please, someone help me.

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Re: Need documentation on cluster services...

Hi Alejandro!

At first make all prerequirements for MSCS. Look here Create Logical Drive (LD) on MSA, it will be Quorum Disk. On MSA side present Logical Drive to first node using SSP. Check accessability from host for read/write operation. Unpresent, do it to second node. Unpresent from second and present for first node again. Install MSCS and after present LD to second node at the same time. Add the second node to cluster group. Check availability moving cluster resourses between nodes. Install SQL Server. Look here

Post your questions here

If you have dual FC switches and redundant MSA configuration, install Secure Path or MPIO Basic at first
Miika T
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Re: Need documentation on cluster services...

You need to use ssp on msa. First create and configure node one and then give access to quorum resource to node 2 using ssp, make sure that Secure path is installed prior to msa configuration.