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Need help with drive firmware update

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Need help with drive firmware update

Hi.  I have a few DL380 G5s I bought from eBay.  A few days ago, one of the drives died.  I ordered new ones and popped one in last night.  I was thinking today "is it done rebuilding the array?" so I did some research to try to find software that can tell me what's going on with the array.  I ended up finding HP Smart Storage Administrator, which thankfully works on the DL380G5 /w Server 2012 unlike most things, grr.  Anyway, I run it and it said a drive needs a firmware update.  Did more research.  I finally found a page that had firmware.  I've no idea how to install it but thankfully there was instructions on the page.  Step one was "Place the HP Service Pack for ProLiant on a USB key using the HP USB Key Creator Utility".  I clicked the link to download HP Service Pack for ProLiant and found that one must have a warranty to get it, AUGH.  

Sooo..  for those of us with secondhand ProLiants, how do we do the firmware upgrade on the drives?  Any advice would be most welcome :)

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Re: Need help with drive firmware update

Depending on drive model and OS used there may be online firmware updates too.


What is the reported drive model?


Hope this helps!

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