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Need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5

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Need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5

I need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5 is it can be done with out data loss.

server space is near filledand have 80 GB free space in that logical drive(300)


I have HP DL385G6 server with smart array P410 with two SAS array.


array a is raid 1+0 with each 72 GB disk.

No need to change.


And Array B with Raid 1+0 with a spare disk.


Two 300 GB hard disk and one spare where the spare is failed now.


Please guide whether I may able to replace the failed spare disk with new one and delete the spare configuration and create Raid 5 configuration for this given below scenario without any Data loss


or We need to for look for a free slot.?



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Re: Need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5

You want a RAID 5 with 3 disks???

Hope this helps!

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Re: Need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5

If i delete the spare i will get three disk right ,with that whether i may delete the config and config to raid 5 please see the screen shot which may help you..

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Re: Need to convert Raid 1+0 with spare to Raid 5

If you de-allocate the spare drive, you should be then have an option to "Migrate RAID/stripe size" and migrate it to RAID 5 (as long as you have at least one available drive) without data loss.

Then do a logical drive expansion once the RAID level migration finishes. Finally, you'll then be able to expand the partition in whatever OS to use the newly available space on that logical drive.

Do NOT delete the existing RAID 1+0 array... you shouldn't need to do that. You should be able to do an online expansion with the system running, although you'll have some drive slowness while that expansion happens.

If you're not worried about the impact, you can change the "transform" and "rebuild" priorities from the default "medium" to high. Or set it to low if performance is a concern, it'll just take longer.

I've done this plenty of times in the past but I'm going from memory since I don't have any systems with an extra drive available to actually confirm the step-by-step process, but it is fairly straightforward.