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Need to extend system partition

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Need to extend system partition

Compaq ProLiant ML370 with 512MB RAM, 5 Hard drives SCSI 9,1GB Wide Ultra-2, Smart Array Controller, 2 logical drives with and 1 drive as standby-HDD. I have allocated the maximum 4GB to the system partition when installing SO using Smart Start. Server is a member server of the domain running terminal services in application mode - 20 users. I am running out of room on the system drive due to space taken by user profiles etc. I have installed latest version of server magic with the intention of extending the volume (I have 6GB unallocated) but when I try to do this I get a warning that this will extend the bootable partition beyond 1024 cylinders making the system potentially unbootable. Is this true, can I get round this? Need to do something as I have only 300mb left (and it's getting less daily).
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Need to extend system partition

well being as the server magic is third party i cannot confirm or deny wether this will corrupt data..however i can say that win2k does support larger than 4 gb primary partitions and with smartstart version 5.x you can extend this partition during an initial install now no problem..
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