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Need to install better video board.

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Need to install better video board.

I bought this PC new with no OS. I need to use it as a Workstation rather than a server, and therefore I need a better Video board. The Compaq Server feature card has the SCSI I/F, Video and Network on it, plus feeds power to a second fan. I disabled the Video card in the Bios setup and in the Feature card (SW 1 ON), but I could not get the system to recognize the new card, (a SiS 6328 AGP with 8MB memory).

After booting the computer, the Video board bios message is displayed, but the computer hangs up, not even the keyboard works, so I have power it off. I tried all combinations of the Bios and Feature board SW 1 settings.

I updated ALL ROMs witht he latest ROMpaq found in your site (Ver 4.06 4/19/2000), to no avail. The new Video card still conflicts with the inboard Video. I even considered removing the Feature card, and install a SCSI controller and Network card, but I did not know where to connect the second Fan, so I did not go in that direction.

Is there any other way that I might have missed to disable the built in Video card so I can have a decent Video card installed ?.

Thank you for your advise.