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Need urgent solution .......

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Need urgent solution .......

Dear ... I have a serious issue in my ml350 g5 server.
Recently its one hard disk is damaged and we changed the harddisk.
After we planned to install from scratch .so we installed win sbs2003 r2 with hp smart start 8 cd. We configured raid 5 and it copied all files.. After restarting the server its not booting the error message. File \minint\ system32\biosinfo.inf could not be loaded..error code is 18,
So after that i tried to install directly from windows cd also.....but its preinstallation finished then its coming to dos prompt with wep int. then nothing......
Why its server any other issue?
Please give me asolution..



Re: Need urgent solution .......



It will sound like maybe special, but what BIOS version do you use in a server? If you have BIOS version too old (2008.xx.xx), you can try downlod and upgrade to latest and re-try reboot or installation.

Actual version of BIOS is 2011.05.02 and you can download for HP Support page - and enter ML350 G5, select OS Windows 2003 and next from BIOS section you can use ROMPAQ (SP53324.exe) for offline BIOS update (boot USB key)

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Re: Need urgent solution .......

Yes ,, I updated my bios.. its now 05-02-2011...

i think its the controller drive issue...

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Re: Need urgent solution .......

Starting from the scratch... did you reset bios?
Opening computer and touching something, usually from scratch the tendency is to clean the dust.


A) Verify all Bios configuration, including Boot order if it is correct, think yes, as you install a few files if I understand correctly.


B) Try getting last SmartStart from H.P. for you model it must be something higher than 8.20, verify versions if 64 Bits or 32 Bits, Smart Start at minimum will be 8.70 , here is the link for 32 bits :

Here is the link for 64 bits this is SmartStart 8.60, hell know the reason :


C) 2003 R2 SBS must be 32 bits link, do not know if you media is HP or OEM, you must choose correct media at SmartStart installation, thik you choose as you write a few files.

D) Try download Firmware CD Maintenance, and update all it need.
Firmware is with 354 MB
Here is the link for it :


E) Verify with other similar media as you can have problems at media, must generate a read error, never know.


Steps- If me, first I install Firmware, verify Bios, run ACU/ADU from SmartStart and try to see any error message, if you have older messages clean it.

Start the installation with SmartStart or from SBS medias "for that you must take at least Controller driver to diskette" ( network drivers will be also welcome) think F6 to implement your extra disk controller at SBS start install.
If you notice BIOS degradation try to recover from Bios backup last image .
Critical - cross fingers it must work.

Hope you solve it.