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Neoserver 150

Steven Beale
Occasional Visitor

Neoserver 150

Dear Community.

I have a Neoserver 150 server - i've incorrectly inputted an IP address and disabled DHCP on the network card in Advanced settings.

I've now lost communication with Neoserver, and lost connection through the Ping command.

I thought i would change my client PC to a local address to find my Neoserver... but still no joy. I've tried to access the server through the front Door, connecting a Keyboard & monitor to the server... but it asks for a Logon name & Password. I do not know this information.

Can any one help with suggestions or can i download the origional setup CD from a site. I very much appreciate any help.


Honored Contributor

Re: Neoserver 150


The default username is admin, password admin but it may well have been changed.

Configuration is normally achieved through the web browser on a client PC attached through the 8-port hub but I appreciate you probably can't get this far due to the IP problems.

If you changed the subnet mask as well as the IP address then try setting the subnet mask on the client to be the same. I assume that you also told the Neoserver to stop being a DHCP server? In this case you need to set the client to the same network (If you can remember what it was).

I have all the user guides etc. if you need them but I don't have the software. Just e-mail me at

I hope this helps.