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Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI problems

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Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI problems

Hello, I have just upgraded from a NetFlex-3/P 10 T. And I am having considerable problems. I have set the NIC to 100 FULL and the port on the 3com switch is also set to 100 FULL. I have set everything I can see correctly (I think) but I am getting intermittent network outages connecting to this (old) server. It effects printing and file shares. Does anyone know of problems with this NIC (maybe I've just got a faulty one) - any ideas would be warmly received. Many Thanks (This is a Prosignia 200 server)
Ron Amos
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Re: Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI problems

Hi Russ,

Some additional things to consider:

1) Anytime there has been a Hardware change on a Proliant Server we need to Clear the System Board ROM Chip of any previous Configuration, then re-configure Server via System Configuration Utility (SCU). This will properly assign System resources. Suggest running current SCU via Diskette as if you have a System Partition it may not be large enough to upgrade (at least 36MB Size req'd)
Current SCU is SP19619.EXE available at

I will attach a Word Document explaining this procedure prepared by one of our Tech's (Not a HP official DOC)

2) Also you may need to upgrade the System ROMPaq (BIOS) via SP14126.EXE available at
OR on a Smart Start CD Version 5.50 or earlier. ROM P05 ProSignia 200 (04/19/2000)

Suggest that you upgrade BIOS if it is req'd before "Clearing NVRAM & Re-Configuring"

3) Also apply the latest NIC Drivers available in our Proliant Support Pack (PSP) type is dependent on your Operating System and is available at or via Smart Start CD.

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Re: Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI problems

Hello guys,

Thanks very much for the info here -- I did the System Utility stuff and it picked up the card and I guess updated the ROM (or whatever it does !!) - the other package (single disk) didn't find any hardware that could be upgraded. The machine is now running smoother and I am seeing no network problems. Thanks again.