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Netlogon event 5719 on BL20P g3 servers w/NC7781

Gerald Arndt
Occasional Contributor

Netlogon event 5719 on BL20P g3 servers w/NC7781

We five racks full of blade servers mostly bl20p g3. Until recently, no problems with them (at least nothing unfixable).

The newest servers I have built this year randomly are receiving the dreaded 5719 netlogon errors and dropping the domain connection. I have to "repair" the connections in order to fix the problem. (Right-click the connection and select repair). All servers are running 2003 Server Enterprise ed. w/Sp1. The 20+ Citrix servers I built earlier this year were the first to show the symptoms - thought maybe it was a Citrix-only problem. But today I noticed it happening on two new Windows file and print clusters I built. No apps installed except for Norton AV Corporate ed and Clustering services enabled. So, it's down to either a Symantec, Microsoft Windows or HP; possibly also the HP-Cisco blade switches.

It could be Norton - still investigating that possibility but not sure why it wouldn't also be affecting previous servers that run the same version of Notron.

The o/s comes from a Altiris deployment package that has not changed in over a year, and like I said, no problems up until now.

The Cisco switches are configured the same across all five racks although the servers experiencing the problem are all in different vlans but our network engineer assures me there is no difference from the other "production" vlans that are not experiencing the problem.

That leaves the servers themselves. The most recent servers we have received look exactly like all the other servers we have purchased except maybe newer bios and/or drivers installed. I tried upgrading the nic and teaming drivers to the very latest - no luck. Same random errors and dropped network connections.

I have seen various posts on this topic on the this forum and the Citrix forums but no real solution. This is a critical issue for me and I need to get it resolved asap - it is affecting my sanity. 12 years in IT and have never been so frustrated by one problem.