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Network Access Problem

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Network Access Problem

I have DL380 G5 and DL360 servers and we use their internal NIC for network connectivity.
when we try to move files between servers we get high speed for small files, while with large files we get very slow network utilization.

we have windows server 2003 R2.
Diego Castelli
Trusted Contributor

Re: Network Access Problem

using SMB?
if so, try use a more optimized protocol, like FTP.

Then have a look if the situation changes.

MS SMB is not really Bandwidth optimized... (MS tells it too)

In specific: SMB resends a lot of times same packages.

CRC, conflicts and resending takes some time each packet. Big files == more packets / connection.

Diego C.

MS MCSA Server 2003

HP Accredited Integration Specialist
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Re: Network Access Problem

I am using FTP but the problem I have only no more than 100 Mbps.
while I am using the same FTP source to another Dell server and the FTP speed more than 350Mbps.
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Re: Network Access Problem

hi disable teaming if used any differance from either nic

and nics set to full duplex

using anything special like symantec endpoint or other firewall,
if so
check go into dev manager select show hidden devices look for virtual nics ,,delete them and stop services for the firewall to check,

if this works recreate teaming then the firewall in that order

for the g5 upgrade firmware with maintenance cd select os〈=en&cc=us&submit=Go%20%C2%BB

then use software cd in windows to update all drivers reboot
now how are things do the same for the other server too

make sure the switch is an auto duplex to or compatible for the nic speeds are networks cables using all 8 wire not just 4,wires,look down the rj45 , let us know how you get on
also if you load from a memory stick what happens , if that is slow too then look in the other post i put in for you enjoy :) salaam
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Re: Network Access Problem