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Network Adapter Teaming

Gareth Batley
Occasional Visitor

Network Adapter Teaming

I have two questions about NFT Network Adapter Teaming. I am running Windows 2000 on a DL360G3 and am running teamed pairs of NIC ports on dual NIC's:

1) I have always found that on rebooting my server that the same NIC port comes up active. It is always the one that shows up on top when you look at the graphical display. I cannot find however that this behaviour is guaranteed. Can anyone tell me how I can make sure that a particular port comes up as the primary.

2) I have seen a comment that the members of a team must be connected to the same layer 2 broadcast domain. I want to run my teamed pair in basic mode (ie. no transmit or receive path checking and with a single shared IP). I want to run them as an active and a passive stub network. That is they will go into separate switches that will not be cross-linked in the same VLAN, and the VLAN on each switch will only contain the port directly connected to the teamed ports.
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Re: Network Adapter Teaming


for your first question, the answer is behind the teaming configuration. when you configure team, you define there which adapter will be primary.

your second que is not clear to me, why you want to connect it to different VLANs?. I suspect ( but not sure..) teaming will not work if you connect adapters to different VLANs.
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Gareth Batley
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Re: Network Adapter Teaming

Thanks for the reply.

1) Can you explain how you configure the primary? Is the primary just the interface that appears as the top one in the GUI?

2)I am running PIM on a pair of Cisco 3550's. If I define the port attached to the teamed NIC and the cross link to be in the same VLAN, then PIM forwards out of both interfaces. I want only to forward to the server. Therefore the crosslink needs to be in a different VLAN.