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Network Connectivity on DL360G5 server

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Network Connectivity on DL360G5 server


Almost for a month our team has been struggling over this network problem and by now all ideas as to how to fix the issue have been exhausted.

We have purchased relatively new servers DL 360G5 and already started to blame the new G5 generation as on the old G4 with the same configuration we’ve never had similar errors and all functions smoothly.

We have two servers with Windows 2003 Web Edition SP2. They are configured with VLAN interfaces on the first network adapters. We created Network Load Balancing cluster using Windows 2003 NLB Manager on these two servers. The multicast mode is used. The second physical interface is disabled on each server. The TCP Offload Engine and Receive Side Scaling options are disabled in the Network Configuration Utility. We disabled the TCP Chimney functionality in the stack with the help of the following command in the command prompt: "nets int ip set chimney DISABLED".

When we check the connections to the servers on their main addresses using HTTPS, all works fine. However, when we check the NLB address using HTTPS we get these intermittent errors: "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host".

We have the latest firmware and driver version installed. Also we have tried the server resetup and it does not eliminate the problem. To exclude a possibility of IIS connection, we’ve updated the SCHANNEL.DLL file to version 5.2.3790.4008. One certificate is used for both servers. “Require Secure Channel (SSL)” and “Require 128-bit encryption” options are enabled in the IIS configuration.

If anyone has ever seen the similar issue, could you please come with your suggestions? Any advice/help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks
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Re: Network Connectivity on DL360G5 server

I have came across different forums with same issue; most of them suggesting to sniff for the packets.. & check what happens to it..

Like this one in microsoft's MSDN;

Try the NETMON (link provided).

Another guy, Running AS 2005 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 had to delete & create his windows profile to get rid of this.. as some drivers were conflicting..which one?..its a mystery.


PS: Im not an network/scripting expert; Hence, excuse me if this was not relevant.