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Network/NIC Problem with RH 7.1 on Proliant380 3G

vivek singh_1
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Network/NIC Problem with RH 7.1 on Proliant380 3G

We just got three servers proliant 380. On the first one I installed RH 8.0, did default/normal installationand connected the eth0 ( 1st slot) to the network . It worked cool. I connected it to 100MBPS lan.

Now I take the same machine configure it the same way... but install RH7.1 due to some project requirement. I see the lights on the nic card ( the same one as above), I see the RH 7.1 also bringing up the eth0 very well. I can ping to the self ip but not TO ANY OTHER MACHINE ON THE NETWORK!!!

I tried all the ethernet ports with the RH8 and they work but when I plug in the RH7.1 proliant on either 10/100 MBPS, the network is inacsseble.


Can someone help me?
let's do it
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Re: Network/NIC Problem with RH 7.1 on Proliant380 3G

The tg3 driver module may not exist in the intial RH7.1. You might try installing a the latest RH 7.1 kernel from
(and the other updates as well ..)
It probably has the tg3 driver module you need.

The other option is to download the bcm5700 source rpm (for dl380g3 H/W) and build that.
It should be better suited to your hardware.