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Network Slow Performance

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Network Slow Performance

HPE ML350 G9 + 32GB + 6HD SAS 300GB RAID 5 With Windows 2012 R2 Server

Network Card HP 1gb 4-port 331i

I'm having a big of a problem here, my network performance is a joke on this server, i have read in the web to disable this parameters on the NIC card

Ipv4 checksum offload
largesend offload V2(ipv4)
largesend offload V2(ipv6)
Vm queues
TCP Checksum offload (ipv4)
TCP checksum offload (ipv6)
Udp checksum offload (ipv4)
Udp checksum offload (ipv6)
Done this, also disabled the Digitally sign communications and Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data, but the problem remains. Transfering data across the local network i don't even get 1mb/s.
On windows 2003, and the workstations, i have no problem getting 10mb/s and more.
I have read that the solution goes by changing NIC to another brand. Will this solve my problem?
Any toughts?
Best Regards.
P.S Working on a 100Mbps network, it's not perfect but it's what i have to work for now. It will be upgrated soon to 1000Mbps.

Re: Network Slow Performance


Good day,

Are you facing this issue in all four ports on this adapter ?

Did you try to change the NIC cables ?

Any other server also facing network issue ?

Please check following :

1. Change the network cable.

2. Update driver and firmware using latest SPP.

3.Disable antivirus and firewall temporarily and check the status.




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Re: Network Slow Performance

Thanks for your reply, but meanwile i had a tip somewhere else and i updated some drives and BIOS firmware using HP SUM, and it worked.