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Network Teaming With Nortel Switches

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stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

Network Teaming With Nortel Switches

I have the following problem .
A customer has bought a Nortel Passport 8600 switch.
I configured the HP teaming as usual ( automatic ) . On the switch side I created a Trunk ( as I'm used with Cisco switches ) .
The interfaces looks connected but traffic doen't go through.
I also noticed the the teaming diagnostics reported a heartbeat problem .
After several combination I found that the only configuration working is
Switch - NO TRUNK
TEAMING - NFT ( Network fault tolerance )

I tried a search on nortel website but found nothing .

Does anyone know how to configure the nortel switch to have the HP Teaming working ...

Matthijs Wijers_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Network Teaming With Nortel Switches

No additional configuration is needed on the Nortel, remove the trunk you made.
Set NIC teaming to auto, it will use TLB (transmit load balancing).

Trusted Contributor

Re: Network Teaming With Nortel Switches

Using Automatic mode witn HP Network Adapter Teaming attempts to automatically create a port trunk on the switch using LACP (802.3ad). If the Teaming driver is unsuccessful, it falls back to Transmit Load Balancing (TLB).

Port trunking with Teaming provides better throughput than TLB. TLB load balances all transmit traffic, but receive traffic is limited to the bandwidth of a single port. Port Trunking load balances all transmit and all receive traffic.

If you want Teaming's automatic mode to create a trunk on the switch, you will need to enable the Team's switch ports for LACP. Do not manually create the port trunk on the switch.

For more information, here is an 80 page whitepaper on HP's NIC Teaming.

Best regards,