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Network Teaming displays 100 Mbps speed

David Sloane_1
Occasional Contributor

Network Teaming displays 100 Mbps speed

I've set up network teaming on three Proliant servers (2x DL360 G1, 1x DL380 G1). The first two servers' nic's teamed up nicely and display "200 Mbps" line speed for the virtual interface.

The third server, a DL360, created the team nicely but shows 100Mbps line speed. I'm using the two on-board NIC's, so their chipsets should match, right?

I know the driver revisions are different - the 100Mbps teamed server has older drivers (v. than the 200Mbps DL360 (v. . I've selected load-balancing with Cisco Fast EtherChannel and "Balance with MAC address."

So - is this just a difference in display between drivers? Am I really getting 200Mbps?

I can update the drivers, but this is a sensitive system and I'd rather not change the software environment if I can help it.

Any insights appreciated.