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Network & using a newer smart start CD

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Network & using a newer smart start CD

I recently installed Windows 2000 Server on our ProLiant 5000 using a smart start CD we received with an ML570 server hoping that all the new drivers would be included. Everything seems to have gone well except that all network traffic (pushing or pulling from the server) seems to be slow. A pull or push from another machine to or from the ProLiant seems to be quite a bit faster. I've tested using quite a few different machines with different configurations. I've found quite a few ports looping back to connect to local ports 2301 or 49400 and on TIME_WAIT, also. Any ideas?
Jim Colley_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Network & using a newer smart start CD

I just upgraded my 5500's to Windows 2000 and set up the latest Compaq Insight agents etc.
It is now almost midnight and I think I just got shut down by a DOS attack against ports 49400 and 49405. I could not connect to anything on my network and got errors that "the name limit for the local computer had been exceeded" Basically a SMB error. Turns out Compaq Surveyor and Web Agents expose those ports. You can download FPort free and it will show you the executable and path used by the ports. My servers had run out of ports basically, they were all held open in Time_Wait state .