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Network teaming for speed

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Network teaming for speed

We have a DL360 G4 that is connected to a tape library that I would like to get better network speed. We are limited to 1 GB now. I was looking at the teaming software options and it looks like there was a advanced pack option that would 2X or more the bandwidth. That advanced pack is retired, is there another solution or way to do this?
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Re: Network teaming for speed

hi djhamp

yes you can improve the transmit speed for your connection using NIC teaming in your case using Transmit Load balancing technique
which can support up to 8 NICs card all in one team (group) transmitting as the configured speed

"Transmit Load Balancing (TLB) - balances the transmit traffic among the team members, but does not require any special switch intelligence or switch configuration. In addition, TLB teams can be split across switches as long as all members are in the same layer 2 network. In TLB teams, receive traffic is not load balanced, but is received on a single team member. TLB is a standard feature of ProLiant Teaming."

lot more info here


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