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New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

I have a W2K cluster setup on the CL1850 and everything seems to work fine. There is one problem. Every time I boot one of the nodes, each time you logon locally it finds new hardware (Compaq CR3500 SCSI Array Device). I usually just cancel, because it can't find the correct driver and it suggest disabling it. The CR3500 show up in device manager as Other Devices with no drivers, but the cluster still manages to work properly.

I have the latest w2k service pack and all the firmwares and ROM are the latest available. I've also installed the latest CSP's with no luck.

I've also rebuilt the W2K nodes with the nodes isolated from the storage then applied the latest CSP then connected them one at a time to the shared storage and then configured clustering.

I can't seem to fine a driver anywhere that is specific to the CR3500. It there one I can manually select or does anyone have any ideas?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

The CR3500 Array Contoller(s) is listed under the OTHER devices category
in the Windows 2000 Device Manager.

Any Compaq ProLiant CL380 in which Microsoft Windows 2000 is installed.

None. The Windows 2000 Plug and Play feature attempts to install a driver
for this device when no driver is needed.
However, if the Found New Hardware wizard appears for the CR3500 SCSI Array
Device, do the following:
1. Press Next
2. Choose Display a list of Known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver
3. Select Other Devices
4. Select Unknown under Manufacturers and select Unsupported Device under Model.
5. Select Finish

Perform the actions described in the Resolution.
Occasional Advisor

Re: New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

Well, I have Insight Manager in order to manage my CL380, how I do to receive alerts if my system don't have the correct drivers?
Doug de Werd
Honored Contributor

Re: New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

There is nothing wrong with the system in terms of required drivers. This is an anomaly in how the CR3500 works. The actual driver that you need (and already have) is for the SCSI card that connects to the CR3500. The SCSI card acts as a SCSI pass-thru to the CR3500, so the only driver that Windows needs is the SCSI card driver - there is no driver for the CR3500, so you don't need to look for it anymore! ;-)

But the message comes up because of how plug and play works - so don't worry about it, it is not a problem.

Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Darin Lawless
Occasional Advisor

Re: New CR3500 SCSI Array Device found

The recommended fix is to manually update the driver - and specify a generic storage class volume - this will stop the PNP system from requesting a driver every time you reboot.
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