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New HDD's in Proliant


New HDD's in Proliant

Hi guys

right now I have a Compaq Proliant 800 with two scsi drives in there..

I'm going to take out those two drives and put two brand new bigger drives in there and install windows 2000..

My question is: What am I gonna have to do so it see's those drives before installing windows 2000? Or can I just swap the drives and setup windows like I would with IDE drives?? I have some compaq cd's here that have all the rompaq's and what not.. do I need to make a floppy disk with the scsi controller drivers on there??

I thought I have to install some drivers before the machine will actually see those drives.. and, what are scsi address do you think i should use when i put these in??

Any help is much appreciated.. I actually have to do this upgradge this afternoon!!! AAAAHHHH

Sigi J
Valued Contributor

Re: New HDD's in Proliant

hi scott,

put in the two new drives, set SCSI IDs to 0 and 1, then set up your server with Smart Start CD Version 5.5 or an older version, if possible. If you do not have any SmartStart CD, you can install W2K just from W2K-CDs.