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New Hot Swap drives are not working

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New Hot Swap drives are not working



I have an HP GL360 G6 server. I have 2 spare bays for extra hard drives. I have purchased 2 drives for this server but when i plugged them into the 2 spare bays, the green lights flash for a little while then go out.


There are no lights on the new drives now and i cannot see the drives under Computer Management. I've tried taking the drives out and plugging them in again, but get the same results.


Any ideas would be appreciated




Johan Guldmyr
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Re: New Hot Swap drives are not working

Hi, is that a DL360 G6?


By default that has an HP Smart Array Controller. Which is a hardware RAID controller. Which means that the OS does not have direct access to the disks, they are 'hidden' behind the controller.


For the OS to see the disks, you can create a new array, add the disks to it and create a logical drive.


You do these via HP ACU - array configuration utility.


Find it here:


It's also part of the 'Support Pack', also available on the link above.

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Re: New Hot Swap drives are not working

Hi Johan


Yes sorry, it is a DL360 G6


thank you for the informtaion provided. I will give that a go today.