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New Installation

Steeve Hébert_1
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New Installation

Hi, I have a Proliant ML370 (P3 600). He needs to be re-install. It's the first time I work with a Compaq server. On IBM's server we can download a CD that boot the server, update all firmwares and then install Windows 2000 with all the drivers. Is the same thing exist in Compaq's World ?

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Re: New Installation

Yes - Compaq does offer the same thing - and you might even find you like it better than IBM's version. :)

It is Smart Start - and HOPEFULLY the customer has a copy of it. The latest version for the ML370 will be 5.5 although earlier versions will work.

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Re: New Installation

Hi Steeve,

The Smartstart CD (5.5 or below) should have come with the server originally and is needed to reinstall the operating system. This CD is booted and then you can use the ERASE utility to wipe any existing configuration as the first step. The system will then know that it is "clean" on the next reboot and will begin the installation process. This ERASE utility wipes any raid controller and BIOS configuration so be aware that any data stored on your disk(s) will be inaccesable after the utility has executed.

The Smartstart 5.5 CD image however is not downloadable if you don't have a copy as it was a licensed product due to its MS Windows front-end. Newer versions are free as they use a Linux front-end but the ML370G1 is not supported on these newer versions (6.X and 7.X) so you need the last 5.X version, which was 5.5 if possible.
Versions 5.4, 5.3 and 5.2 etc should be OK too.

Once you have built the operating system you can apply the latest driver upgrade kit which Compaq/HP call the "Product Support Pack". This is a bundled kit of all required drivers for your selected O/S.

The ML370G1 Windows 2000 Product Support Pack, System BIOS, device controller firmware upgrades etc. can all be loaded free from the following link.

I hope this helps.