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New ML150 Gen9. Strange problem. Please help!

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New ML150 Gen9. Strange problem. Please help!

I bougth this server 2 months ago. I boot unRAID from one of the internal USBs and used 2x10T 3.5"  HDDs and 1x 512G SSD in three of the four cage bays. It worked without any problems. I wanted to add another 1x 512G SSD to the 4th bay. From that point on, the server doesn't detect any of 3.5" HDDs. Even if I remove all the drives, insert just one 3.5" HDD, it doesn't recognize. There is no problem with 2.5" SSDs though.

The cage was replaced. It started to detect all HDDs and SSD again. I moved the server to its location and inserted the second SSD to the 4th bay, it lost detection of 3.5" HDDs again. There is no way of getting any 3.5" HDD detected by bios now. By the way, all disks are SATA and I use AHCI.

Why does the error become something irreversible? Can someone shed a light on this?

Thank you.

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Re: New ML150 Gen9. Strange problem. Please help!

There is the possibility that there is something wrong with this 2nd SSD, but that wouldnt be my first guess.  If you reset NVRAM using SW6 on the system board will the other drives show up again?


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Re: New ML150 Gen9. Strange problem. Please help!

Thank you for helping me out.

I think nothing is wrong with the 2nd SSD because if I remove everything, then insert just two SSDs, both are detected  perfectly. If I insert 2x 3.5" and 2x SSD, just the SSDs are detected.

Yes, the SW6 was reset, but the 3.5" drives still don't show up. Detection problem of just the 3.5" HDDs is a mystery to me. How come a backplane (or any other component) differentiates 3.5" SATA from 2.5" SATA? Isn't SATA interface standard for all? Still, if the hot swap cage is replaced, everything seemingly returns back to normal.


Re: New ML150 Gen9. Strange problem. Please help!

It seems this problem will go unsolved.

Better RMA then.