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New Proliant ML350 G5 & Tripp Lite Smart1200LCD UPS

Joseph Smrekar
Occasional Visitor

New Proliant ML350 G5 & Tripp Lite Smart1200LCD UPS

I have finally figured out that the problem is the way that the server interacts with the UPS.
I tested our OLD server on the UPS and it works perfectly, and then I tested an APC 1500 and the ML350 exhibited the same behavior listed below.

When the UPS loses AC power and switches to battery, it causes immediate shut down and restart of the ML350. When switching back to AC from battery, the same instantaneous shut down occurs.

It is quite an interesting behavior because when the ML350 is shut down, but still plugged in to the UPS & the USB cable is plugged in, all devices plugged into the UPS get a flickering of power. this is easiest to prove with a desk lamp. However, the moment I unplug the Server, mind you it is shut down, the lamp regains a constant flow of electricity.

There seems to be a haywire connection between the server and the UPS, but it was the same with my APC UPS and the ML350.

I checked my output and with my current specs it is supposedly 274VA which is a lot less than 1200 Va which is what my UPS is rated at.

Also, it doesn't matter if windows 2k3 is booted and the Java App which talks to the UPS is loaded or if it is booting up or what, the Server will reboot whenever it goes from AC to Bat or Bat AC
Joseph Smrekar
Occasional Visitor

Re: New Proliant ML350 G5 & Tripp Lite Smart1200LCD UPS

FYI Specs are...
1x 4Core e5335 2.0Ghz
3GB Ram (2x512, 2x1gb)
3x 160GB Sata
Dat72 USB 2 Tape Drive

Question I have is, how can i configure the server to not freak out when the UPS changes power modes?
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Re: New Proliant ML350 G5 & Tripp Lite Smart1200LCD UPS

The ACP 1500 UPS is well known for causing rebooting and power down issues in several G5 models. We have fixed tons of issues that even after replacing parts nothing seemed to work.

Everything was resolved once the customers decided to stop using the ACP1500 UPS.

I know the VA are less but it has to do with the frequency. Try an HP 1500 you'll see that everything will be fine.

You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!