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New SCSI controller in Compaq Proliant ML370R

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New SCSI controller in Compaq Proliant ML370R

Hello :) ,

I have a Proliant ML370R (01) server with:
-P3 733MHz
-768MB ram

Before I used a Compar Smart Array 2HD with 16MB cache.
It works fine, but is is to slow (only 20MB/s).
I have new HD's (Ultra320 SCA). On the Smart Araay 2HD the max. speed was 20MB/s :(
I have bought a LSI20320C-HP Ultra320 SCSI card.
But the Proliant doesn't boot on the LSI controller.
At the startup, the bios detected the LSI card and found the SCSI disks.

I've removed the Smart Array 2HD card.

When I start the SmartStart 5.50 CD, and rest the whole server, and when it's configuring the hardware it use the onboard SCSI controller (1 and 2), but not my SCSI card.

The new SCSI card is a "LSI 20320C HP Branded".

Anybody who can help me? :)