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New mainboard on Proliant 1850R, can't boot up


New mainboard on Proliant 1850R, can't boot up

I had a Win NT 4 sp 4 server with 3 disks in raid 5. Mainboard went bad, installed new one and I can't boot up, first it asked what operating system, I said windows, then windows nt 4.0, then it tried to boot and displayed non system disk. I installed smartstart cd, it took forever to load system configuration. Then I turned it off then on and then it displays error code 13. Help please !
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Re: New mainboard on Proliant 1850R, can't boot up


You will need a Smartstart V5.50 or earlier CD as this is a 1st generation Compaq server. The reason for your "Non-system disk" error is that by default the embedded SCSI controller will be regarded as the boot device on your new system board. As nothing is attached to it you will get this message. So you need to be able to run the System Configuration Utility (SCU) from the Smartstart CD and manually set the device order on your system board. You probably have a Smart 2-P or 2-DH Array controller so this has to be set as "First" in the SCU, otherwise it won't boot from the attached disks.

I can't remember the Smartstart Error Codes but I think you may simply have a CD which does not support the 1850R.

I hope this helps,

Mike Strako
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Re: New mainboard on Proliant 1850R, can't boot up

If you can't find an old SS5.50, Here's a link, it has been updated to support W2k3 as well.


Good luck.