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New to Servers and need some help

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New to Servers and need some help

Ok so im new to servers and how they work and i have been doing some research around the web. Looks like i have found something that might work with what I want. I have found this:

And I was wondering, where can i get server hard drives? Are most of them always as expensive (+$500) ?

And also, on the Raid's, do they do a backup or do they just only mirror? Any links to some article would be helpful. Thanks!
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Re: New to Servers and need some help

Some links to start with:

You can get supported drives from any reputable vendor on the net, prices will vary depending upon condition (new or used), size, speed and functionality (hot-plug vs non-hot plug, etc...).

Specifications for supported drive part numbers can be found here:

As far RAID and backup you can use a number of methods depending upon the disk controller capabilities (Disk-to-Disk, Disk-to-Tape, Disk to Removable disk, Raid Mirroring, etc...)AND software installed.

Make sure you have exact information on the parts installed and system configuration so you can make an informed decision prior to purchasing.

Some RAID controller information for the ML150 G6 can be found here:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=135&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=3884323#2