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Newbie - A few pointers to RTFM

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Newbie - A few pointers to RTFM


Just received my brand new ML350.  No documentation in the box.

Trying to understand everything I must do before powering on the unit.


1.  I have a DVD with windows Standard Server 2012 R2 ISO.

2.  I have (1) 600GB SAS drive and (3) 300GB SAS drives.

3.  I must update firmware before I install OS ?

4.  How do I get into the RAID configuration utility?  I need to create RAID 5 array.


I have spent some time on HP's site looking for relevant documentation and have been inundated.


Anybody have some pointers to the Fine Manuals ?



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Re: Newbie - A few pointers to RTFM

It is always a good idea to get the user guide:






ML350 Gen9:


You can use shortcuts like this


or just search after you click on "support" at the top of this page and any other page.



During boot, press F10 to start intelleigent provisioning to install your OS.


You can access the array config tool also by pressing F8 if the system is asking to do so during boot.

Hope this helps!

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