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Newbie Question about DL380 Post Messages

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Newbie Question about DL380 Post Messages

A little help please guys.


I found an old school DL380 G2 server in the data centre and every time I power it up, I see a couple of post messages about the Smart Array 5i controller. I have attached a picture for your perusal.


As you can see, I have updated the firmware of the controller to the latest version. I have also deleted and reconfigured the RAID array to no avail.


The part that confuses me is that the first message (1775) says the enclosure is not responding and the follow-up message (1729) says it is performing a disk optimization scan.


i was wondering if anyone could explain what is going on and whether or not the controller is working.


Thank you

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Re: Newbie Question about DL380 Post Messages

The "enclosure is not responding" message would suggest that there may be an external disk enclosure connected to SCSI port 1 of this system. If an external enclosure is not powered on before the server, it may not have completed its self-tests when the controller starts accessing it. Are there any external SCSI  cables connected to this system?


The second "optimization scan" message would refer to internal disks.