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Newbie links/references for what fits my HP ProLiant DL580 G5, 2 x quad core Xeon E7430?

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Newbie links/references for what fits my HP ProLiant DL580 G5, 2 x quad core Xeon E7430?


Newbie links/references for what fits my HP ProLiant DL580 G5, 2 x quad core Xeon E7430?


I have a machine to play with virtualisation, a "ProLiant DL580 G5, 24 Gb RAM, 2 x quad core Xeon E7430@ 2.13GHz", and would really appreciate some references/links to know what will and what will not fit.


The machine has only 2 *72GB SFF SAS drives + 2*146GB SFF SAS drives, so disk storage is my first upgrade. I understand that there are new G8 drives that would NOT fit - will everything else? How mad is it to buy 2.5" SATA "laptop" drives , and fit in a cheap caddy from eBay for £5? I understand HP SATA drives would work, but likely more expensive, would this work:


Anyone had any joy with (non-HP) SSDs?


I've installed VMware ESXi5.1 on a RAID-1 partition over the 72GB drives, and plan to eject these and install Centos 6 & KVM ( on a RAID-1 partition over the 146GB drives. Will this work OK? Do I need to keep ejecting the drives to ensure the machine boots the desired O/S, or is there a better way?


Can I fit a generic USB 3 PCI (PCI-e?) card? Anyone done this successfully, any cards recommended?


Similarly, could I fit a generic SATA PCI (PCI-e?) card to allow me to use the 3.5" SATA (home PC)  drives I already have? Would I be able to power these drives OK, any recommended adapters/supplier...?


I see many parts on eBay for sale, how can I tell if any part will fit/work in my machine? For example, would a "AB545-60001 1000Base-T PCI-X Quad-Port" fit and work? I'm hoping that there is an URL at HP which would help with parts compatibility...?


I was disappointed to find that it appears I need to buy a licence to use the remote control [full video] support.Is there an educational licence option, or similar, for non-production, non-profit making, personal use?


All advice gratefully received :-)


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Re: Newbie links/references for what fits my HP ProLiant DL580 G5, 2 x quad core Xeon E7430?



I run a DL585G2 which although not the same does run a P400 SAS Controller & the same Drive Bays.


Non HP SATA - Will work just fine but at SATA 1.5G Speeds


Non HP SSD - Will work just fine but at SATA 1.5G Speeds


Drive Caddies -  I assume you mean buying used HP 2.5" hot plug caddies as these are the only type that fit, generic 3rd party ones wont.


3rd party USB3 cards - These work ok, I have a cheap eBay special based on the Reneasas chipset and it works a treat.


3rd Party SATA cards - Totaly lottery as these use roms & as such are sure not to have been tested with older HP Kit Like a DL580G5, if you want sata 3G buy a cheap P212 or P410 zero mem controller & a sas to mini sas cable. Then you know it will work.


Fitting 3.5" Desktop drives - This would require an external drive enclosure & a card to drive it, the machine comes with enough power cables to power the bays/components that can be fitted internally. It does not support supplying power or data cables to drives externally. 


PCI-X Quad port NIC - Unless your server has the optional PCI-X expansion module this card will not fit, The DL580G5 is a PCI-e only server by default and require an optional extender.  Try finding a NC364t these are relatively inexpensive 4 port PCI-e NICs or fit a pair of NC360t's these are very inexpensive dual ports.


Card Compatability - There isnt a definistive list of what is or isn't compatible with the server but most cards released by hp during hte servers life cycle will state whether or not they are compatible with it & the machines quickspecs will give you a few cards that it's compatible with.


Cant help with your ESX query i'm afraid.


There is no educational/personal/no profit license for ILO advanced, at the end of the day ILO is a managment tool for administering enterprise servers & like anything else in enterprise if you want all the bells & whistles you have to pay a premium I'm afraid mainly becasue advanced packs include a basic support element in their price.


Hope this is of some help to you.