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Newer servers (DL, ML) in 7000 rack

Jim Bronson
Occasional Visitor

Newer servers (DL, ML) in 7000 rack


I am wondering what kind of power and cable management solutions other organizations are using with the 7000 series racks with the newer Proliants. The newer servers are much longer and it is difficult to implement PDU's and cable management. It's obvious most of the HP branded solutions are intended for the 10000 series, which are about a foot longer and fit the newer servers perfectly.

Now, we have 3 7000 series racks, 1 9000 and 2 10000's. I'd like to keep using the 7000 series racks with the newer DL360/DL380 as they are perfectly functional for holding servers, but I have such a cable mess I am thinking of putting in a budget request to replace them.

Is anyone else using newer DL or ML series servers with the older 7000 series racks? Are there any 3rd party PDU's available that work well with these racks?
Lloyd Randall
Occasional Visitor

Re: Newer servers (DL, ML) in 7000 rack

Hi were using them, we have 10!

We find we have to leave the rear doors off.

For power distribution we limit how many servers we have in a rack, and install two 3U UPS' at the bottom of the rack, then cable up from them.