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No Boot on 2nd processor upgrade

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No Boot on 2nd processor upgrade

I have a Proliant ML350 G5, currently single CPU and want to upgrade to dual CPU. I have purchased and installed the components listed below, but the server will not boot (bring up BIOS).

- Matched pair of Intel Xeon E5410 processors

- HP Processor Power Module (HP Spare #: 407748-001)

- HP CPU Heatsink Fan (HP Spare #: 413977-001)



With both CPUs installed, the server fans, lights, drives all come on, but will not show any BIOS screens. The bank of 8 lights near the RAM has multiple lights that flash then eventually 2 lights stay lit (5th and 7th from left/bottom) and nothing else changes no matter how long the server stays on.

The minute I power down and remove the second CPU, the server will start right up. It boots with either processor in the CPU1 position, but not when both are installed.



So far I have updated the BIOS (Version: 2011.05.02 (A), swapped processors, reset BIOS, prayed, re-seated the PPM, begged, re-seated the CPUs, cussed, unplugged DVD Drive and stood on my head all to no avail. If I leave the PPM in and remove the 2nd CPU, the server boots. If I leave the processor and remove the PPM, then the PPM light comes on.


Any ideas? I'm ready to bind this cursed thing about the feet of Mr. Land and throw them both out of my boat...

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Re: No Boot on 2nd processor upgrade

I had the same issue - although you may have already done it, just recheck your memory configuration and ensure they are pushed in firmly into their correct slots.