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No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

Jim Morrison_4
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No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

Attempting to resurrect a Compaq Proliant 380R01 - PC1000 256 US, D128FSB1L328,

PIII 1.0ghz, 2gb RAM, Smart Array 3200 Controller Slot 2,

Configured array using Smartstart Disk 7.10

SCSI A array: 4 x 32gb RAID 5, and SCSCI B array: 2 x18gb 1x0 RAID

Updated BIOS ROM to: P17 12/18/2002

Unable to use the Smart Disk to install W2K3 on this server even after configuring the array.

Error options:

1) RBSU - ROM Based Setup Utility, however unable to run as instructed.

2) ORCA - Option Rom Config for Arrays Utilities again this doesn't run as instructed.

3) This Smark Disk 7.1 doesn't support assisted OS install. "If so I did try Smark Disk 5.5 and had same issue"
Recommends booting from CD.

Attempted to boot from W2K3 Entrerprise CD the disk loads the drivers and then beings the Windows Setup process and hangs up there. Never goes beyond this point.

This is where we are stuck. Any advice recommended solutions would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks, JIM
Oleg Koroz
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Re: No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

download 5.5 and use it (6.x and up not supported)

Configure ACU and SCU than continue with manaul install
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Re: No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

Hi Jim,

I believe SS 7.10 will not work on this PIII server, you should try with 5.5. first configure your arrays through ACU, setup BIOS through SCU, select proper boot controller order in SCU, and then start your server with W2K3 CD. use SS 5.5 cd only if you need any driver which W2K3 could not install automatically.
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Re: No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

It is a better bet to not use the SmartStart CD for this because you are inbetween CDs as it has been pointed out. The CD that supports you unit does not support the OS.

Perform a manual, no SS, install. We have a document with detailed instructions on our support page. Basically you need to run the system clear, then reconfigure the array, then make a drive disk, then install the OS.

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Claas Kruhoefer
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Re: No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

for a DL 380 you not need any SmartStart ( except you want to install Windows NT )

Just make the RAID configuration via the ROM part of the Integrated Array Conroller.

Afterwards install the operating system. All special drivers, agents or other stuff could be done after the OS is installed.

If the server stuck during setup update the BIOS and check also the CDROM drive Firmware. There is a known issue with TEAC slimlime CD roms and 9.0b fimrware. Update to 9.0C, then it should work. Will attach the SP for CDROM because it is pretty small.

Andrzej Kowalik
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Re: No Bootable Drive Configured? DL380

e4services described right solution.
If you configure array controller via ROM you have to create one logical disk per array (with 100% available space).