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No CD after RAID is configured


No CD after RAID is configured

Hi folks,

I think this is a quick one, and hopefully just something I missed.

We have a DL160 G6 with Windows Server 2008 installed.

We setup RAID using the B110i controller and it's working for the most part, with only one issue. The internal CD-ROM drive isn't available during setup or in the OS.

If we set the SATA controller to AHCI or Compatible mode in the BIOS, the CD is detected and works like a charm.

Now I read through several other posts and found that other folks had issues with the CD not being available for install but would be available afterwards so I wasn't too concerned initially. Now that the OS is installed though, I need access to the CD for building it.

The CD is plugged into SATA Port 5 and with RAID set as the Controller mode, I only see ports 1-4. The logical solution is to move the drive to one of the other SATA ports but we are planning to add additional hard drives to the server eventually so this is only a short-term solution.

We're at BIOS level 033 which I believe is the latest.

What am I missing?


Re: No CD after RAID is configured

I figured this out after I poked around a bit more.

For anyone who comes across it, when you enable RAID it disables the second SATA controller by default.

You have to change to AHCI mode then enable the second controller, then go back and change the first controller to RAID mode.

Re: No CD after RAID is configured

See comment above, this is resolved.