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No IDE boot controller

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No IDE boot controller

I have just bought a new DL380 G4, but when I go to set it up with the SmartStart CD, the server doesn't try to boot from CD.

In the BIOS, CD is listed first in the boot order, but under boot controllers there is no IDE controller listed.

Is there a setting to add it, or is it likely to be a hardware fault?



Re: No IDE boot controller

Hello Robin

Please note, if you have 2 processors installed remove the additional processor and restart with 1 processor installed in the server.
Start the installation with the SmartStart CD.
Install the 2nd processor once you have setup the server completely.
Please reply with the version of SmartStart you are using for the deployment.


Re: No IDE boot controller

Sorry Robin forgot to mention this "SmartStart CD's are used with Smart Array Controllers" Apologies.
Oleg Mochkin
Trusted Contributor

Re: No IDE boot controller

Robin, try to clear all settings: set system maintenance switch pos. 6 to the "On" and turn power on. You will clear both CMOS and NVRAM. After that turn power off and return switch pos. 6 to the "Off".
BR, Oleg